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Lewes Ferry Terminal Chiller Replacement

  • Lewes Ferry Terminal Chiller Replacement

The Delaware River and Bay Authority (DRBA) is a bi-state governmental agency that owns and operates the Delaware Memorial Bridge, the Cape May- Lewes Ferry, and the Forts Ferry Crossing. As part of Master Plan upgrades, the Lewes Terminal added new food and beverage options for customers, creating an increased load on the existing primary HVAC systems.

Existing HVAC Needs

The new Grain Craft Bar + Kitchen (Grain) at the Lewes Ferry Terminal incorporated an open design with operable bar windows looking onto the large outdoor patio. In periods of appropriate weather, these windows are opened, creating additional strain on the Terminal’s HVAC systems. Due to increased demand, it was established that the HVAC systems had reached or exceeded their median expected service lives and would be replaced.

Kleinfelder provided contract documents for the replacement of the Lewes Terminal Building HVAC system including three air handlers, chiller, two cooling towers, cooling tower water pumps, chilled water pumps, boilers, hot water pumps and refrigerant monitoring system. Drawings and specifications were prepared in conjunction with the preferred equipment supplier.

New HVAC Specifications

Design for air hander 1 included accommodation for the Grain restaurant desired to provide open windows at the bar. The solution for this ‘open window’ was to include a sensor to signal the building management system (BMS) when the window was open. In turn, when the space called for cooling, the BMS modulates the chilled water control valve for the unit to maintain a supply air temperature setpoint of 70 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows for the unit to continue to provide neutral ventilation air to the space and keep the space pressurized while keeping the system from trying to maintain a space temperature that would waste energy.

Cooling towers for the project were designed for the corrosive sea air environment by utilizing fiberglass construction and stainless steel hardware.

Electrical design was in support of the HVAC equipment replacements and included new equipment feeders and branch circuits.

Project Results

Due to forward thinking design of the new HVAC system, patrons of the Lewes Ferry Terminal and Grain Craft Bar + Kitchen can now enjoy comfortable temperatures year-round. By incorporating automatic sensors, the system is also more efficient by not wasting energy when the restaurant windows are open to the outdoor patio.

Project Details

Lewes, DE
Delaware River and Bay Authority