Kleinfelder's Northern California Cultural Resources Team

Northern California Cultural Resources Group Retreat & Training

On August 18, Kleinfelder’s Northern California cultural resources group held an overnight camping retreat at China Camp State Park.  In addition to fostering team building, the retreat also doubled as a training, providing staff with hands-on learning related to lithics (taught by Mike Lenzi, Archaeologist), historic artifacts (taught by Jessica Neal and Kruger Frank, Archaeologists), and osteology (taught by Eric Strother, Archaeologist and Human Osteologist).

The day concluded with a barbecue during the evening, allowing attendees to relax and socialize. The following day, the team took advantage of the park’s natural surroundings and many hiking trails.

Jessica Neal commented, “In addition to enriching our understanding of various archaeological and cultural resources topics, the retreat strengthened our team’s bond, fostering a collaborative spirit that will undoubtedly enhance our work together on future projects.”

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Mike Lenzi presented on lithics

historic artifacts

Jessica Neal and Kruger Frank presented on historic artifacts


Eric Strother presented on osteology