Biker on the Lewes-to-Georgetown Trail

Lewes-to-Georgetown Trail Recognized

The Lewes-to-Georgetown Trail was recently recognized as the most popular trail in the state of Delaware, according to a survey conducted by Delaware Greenways.  Ultimately, the Trail will extend 17 miles between Georgetown and Lewes, Delaware creating a safe, non-motorized facility improving regional connectivity, healthy lifestyles, and economic growth.  Currently, 11 miles have been constructed, the majority of which was designed by Century-Kleinfelder.

Central to the trail’s design philosophy was the integration of both environmental sensitivity and practicality. Capitalizing on sections of abandoned railway, the rail to trail minimized disruption to the delicate wetlands while reducing the necessity for new drainage infrastructure. Beyond its functional elegance, this off-road alignment seamlessly links neighboring communities, parks, and other trails, fostering a culture of wellness and curtailing vehicular traffic. In other Rail with Trail sections, the design integrated the active railroad ensuring safe operations of both facilities.

To better understand the local popularity of the trail and its usage patterns, Delaware Greenways conducted a survey, gathering insights from over 800 participants.  An impressive 92% of respondents attested to their fondness for the trail primarily for exercise, while also appreciating its recreational and relaxation benefits. Pedal power emerged as the dominant mode of exploration, with 75% of users favoring bicycling to traverse the trail.  In addition, the survey revealed that the trail’s allure spans the seasons, with 84% dedicating one to two hours of their time year-round, and more than half utilizing it throughout every season.

The survey also asked respondents to share suggestions for enhancing the trail experience. From improved trail lighting to expanded parking facilities, and the inclusion of public restrooms and hydration stations, the vision for enhancement was varied and responses are being incorporated in future designs.

Looking forward, the trail is set to expand, with federal funding recently secured for the completion of the trail.  The Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) received a $21 million Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity grant to finish the final six miles of the trail, extending it to a total of 17 miles. Century-Kleinfelder will support DelDOT by designing the last six-mile connection.

Century-Kleinfelder Senior Program Manager Bill Conway commented, “The Lewes-to-Georgetown Trail is recognized as a valuable alternative mode of transportation connecting communities and providing recreational opportunities for the community. We’re looking forward to collaborating with DelDOT to design the trail’s final stretch, and we’re confident that these final six miles will further increase the trail’s popularity.”