Kleinfelder Links LabNet and ForneyVault

Kleinfelder has completed the first phase of integration between LabNet and ForneyVault.  Now labs with a ForneyLink machine console can take advantage of the connection between ForneyVault and LabNet to streamline sample tracking and compressive strength data collection for the following sample types:

  • Concrete
  • CLSM
  • LCC
  • Flex Beams

Compressive strength measurement is the most common test performed in Kleinfelder laboratories, with over 130,000 samples tested in the past year.  The link between LabNet and Forney’s off-the-shelf solution, is a significant milestone in our goal to implement automated data collection where practical.  Laboratories will be able to track compression test specimens by QR code, and test data is transmitted at the point of collection directly to LabNet, thereby increasing quality and efficiency.

Phase two will include integration of additional materials, primarily masonry and non-masonry grout.

The project’s success resulted from the collaboration between the CoMET Service Line Leadership Team, Kleinfelder’s ITS group, and the Dallas Laboratory.

Special kudos go out to Enklid Arapi and Landon Lancaster of Kleinfelder’s Dallas Lab, along with Todd McKenney, IT Support & Lead LabNet Analyst, and Chris Pollack, National Lab Director, for the extra effort in developing, testing, and working to make this solution a reality.

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For more information, contact Chris Pollack: cpollack@kleinfelder.com

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