Kleinfelder GTS New Concord Office

Kleinfelder and GTS Co-locate in New Concord, CA, Office

Kleinfelder and GTS Co-locate in New Concord, CA, Office, Fostering Greater Collaboration and Future Growth

CONCORD, CA (October 19, 2023) – Kleinfelder has announced the relocation of Gas Transmission Systems (GTS), a Kleinfelder company, from Walnut Creek, CA, to a new office space at 2001 Clayton Road, Suite 500, Concord, CA 94520. This strategic move reflects Kleinfelder’s commitment to enhancing collaboration, accommodating growth, and fostering accessibility.

The newly established Concord office space was selected to better accommodate the teams from both GTS and Kleinfelder. This co-location of staff members marks an exciting development in the company’s efforts to strengthen collaboration and streamline service delivery throughout the project lifecycle.

GTS staff in the Concord office primarily support energy clients by offering design and asset knowledge services for gas and electric projects. In the same location, Kleinfelder staff provide geotechnical and environmental services tailored to the needs of energy clients. These complementary services will greatly benefit from the convenience of having teams located together in one office.

GTS Area Manager Colin Silla, shared his enthusiasm for the office relocation, stating, “I am eager for this next chapter to share a new and exciting place with our Kleinfelder colleagues where we can collaborate further on projects with existing clients as well as capitalize on opportunities for future growth with new clients. This space will allow for all local staff to be in the office at once, which will help with employee engagement and foster a stronger sense of camaraderie and team building.”

The new office space not only facilitates closer cooperation but is also designed to accommodate the future growth for all staff and operational efficiencies. The enhanced accessibility of the new location will also help attract new talent as the local team looks to grow and further diversify its service offerings.

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