Kleinfelder and AltaML Partnership Aimed at Enhancing Safety in Oil & Gas Industry

EDMONTON, Alberta – Kleinfelder, an industry leading engineering and design firm, and AltaML, an applied artificial intelligence and machine learning product company, announced a partnership aimed at drastically enhancing safety and efficiency in the oil and gas industry.

Having supported projects for global oil and gas clients over the last 55 years, Kleinfelder is well versed in the industry’s upstream, midstream, and downstream operations, including the potential risks and hazards of working in the industry. The firm applies 3D reality capture technologies to industry projects, creating virtual 3D models of oil production plants and facilities that eliminate uncertainties during planning, design, construction, and asset management, as well as increase the safety of all site workers and managers involved.

“Kleinfelder’s use of 3D reality capture has been used to assist oil and gas clients throughout the lifecycle of their facilities – from planning and design to performance management and maintenance,” explained Kleinfelder’s 3D Reality Capture Lead Mark Franklin. “Regarding existing operations, Kleinfelder’s 3D virtual facility models are used to increase the efficiency of inspection and maintenance activities through data-driven simulation and modeling. Because the facilities can be inspected virtually, the risk to inspectors is significantly reduced as they can access all areas of a facility from the safety of their desk.”

With AltaML’s machine learning capabilities, Kleinfelder’s virtual facility models can be enhanced to incorporate artificial intelligence that recognizes and tags maintenance issues within the 3D reality capture scans. Not only does this AI/ML technology have the potential to help facility owners and managers streamline decision making by providing a better understanding of their infrastructure maintenance needs, it also helps eliminate potential human oversight and error that can lead to costly safety hazards, especially in the oil and gas industry.

“As safety is a top priority for the oil and gas industry, we are thrilled to partner with Kleinfelder on this important initiative,” said AltaML CEO and Co-Founder Cory Janssen. “Their deep expertise in oil and gas safety and massive amounts of 3D data is a knockout combination, and applying AI and ML creates unprecedented opportunities to flag safety and maintenance issues, streamline safety inspections, and save lives on the job site.”

About AltaML
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