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Urban Non-Project and Non-Urban Project Levee Geotechnical Evaluation

  • Urban Non-Project and Non-Urban Project Levee Geotechnical Evaluation

California’s historic system of central valley levees protects $47 billion in infrastructure from potential catastrophic flooding. The California Department of Water resources contracted Kleinfelder to inventory and evaluate the condition of the aging levee system.

Standardizing Methods of Communication

Working with state, local and private entities, along with other contractors required Kleinfelder to manage and maintain a high caliber of communication to ensure cohesion on this complex, multi-stakeholder, multi-location levee project. The team needed to standardize methods of communication cross-project and create useful data that could be easily handed off to the clients and representatives in their future stewardship of the investigation’s findings.

An Efficient GIS Production Work Flow

Geographic information systems (GIS) provided a valuable tool for the large and fast-paced needs of the team’s engineers as they covered the levee system’s immense, expansive territory. Adhering to project standards, Kleinfelder’s project management team created an enterprise GIS system that provided critical information at engineers’ fingertips, overseeing and enforcing an efficient GIS production work flow that enabled team members to adopt and modify quality control plans to ensure data completion and accuracy.

Project Results

By standardizing data requirements, Kleinfelder reduced the costs of producing reports across multiple study areas. Furthermore, the innovative system ensured data consistency throughout the project, as well as for future stakeholders and developers—providing the State of California with a lasting tool for managing this major water resource for years to come.

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California Department of Water Resources