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Town of Framingham Asset Management

  • Town of Framingham Asset Management
  • Town of Framingham Asset Management
  • Town of Framingham Asset Management
  • Town of Framingham Asset Management
  • Town of Framingham Asset Management

The Town of Framingham in Massachusetts needed an efficient, modernized system to more effectively manage its sewer infrastructure and prioritize its capital spending. Kleinfelder worked closely with Town officials to develop and implement a sustainable asset management system that has become a model for municipalities nationwide.

Need for More Proactive Management

Framingham officials faced a “perfect storm” of regulatory non-compliance, pressures from developers, poor to non-existent records and systems, and a retiring work force. A reactive rather than proactive approach resulted in unplanned spending and inefficient use of town resources. Modern demands required an overhaul of the current management processes so Framingham could more effectively serve its community. Furthermore, collaboration among Town officials was critical to the successful implementation of these changes.

Balancing Stakeholder Interests

Kleinfelder’s team of wastewater engineers, hydraulic modelers, operations specialists, SCADA specialists, and energy engineers worked hand-in-hand with Framingham officials to develop holistic solutions that balanced the competing interests of Town resources, costs, environmental and community impacts, and regulatory requirements. Kleinfelder created a real-time management tool for managing wastewater infrastructure alongside a prioritized Capital Improvement Program. By eliminating seven pumping stations and five miles of force main, Kleinfelder helped the Town save $25 million in capital costs and more than $100,000 in annual energy costs.

Project Results

By partnering with Town officials, Kleinfelder was able to help Framingham successfully implement new and improved ways to manage resources. The Town is now better equipped to meet regulatory requirements and has completely modernized its once-archaic management system with easily accessible web-based information tracking.

Project Details

Framingham, Massachusetts

Framingham Department of Public Works