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Remediating a Former Petroleum Terminal in an Urban Environment

  • Remediating a Former Petroleum Terminal in an Urban Environment
  • Remediating a Former Petroleum Terminal in an Urban Environment

Kleinfelder was contracted by a major petroleum company to provide remediation design and implementation services for a petroleum terminal site in Atlantic City. The site is within a densely packed residential and commercial mixed-use neighborhood and was impacted with liquid-phase and dissolved-phase petroleum hydrocarbons in soil and groundwater.

Complex Site Conditions

The complex coastal environment, with shallow groundwater and high-density urban development, presented an exciting challenge for Kleinfelder’s project team. The site was surrounded by many interested stakeholders, increasing the scrutiny and attention on the project and presenting a wide range of potential concerns.

A Unique Remediation Strategy

Kleinfelder’s strategy started with a comprehensive pre-design site assessment to establish the extent of affected soil and groundwater, support sheet pile shoring design, and to support groundwater computer modeling for excavation dewatering feasibility analysis.  Kleinfelder used this pre-design data to develop a unique strategy to excavate saturated soil without traditional dewatering that may have put neighboring structures’ foundations at risk.  This solution met the project objectives, kept the project on schedule, saved the client money, and maintained goodwill with the surrounding stakeholders.

Project Results

Despite the highly complex urban environment and increased scrutiny from stakeholders, Kleinfelder achieved remediation objectives while establishing goodwill and credibility within the community through planning, communication, and engagement. Kleinfelder’s innovative excavation strategy reduced the remediation project costs creating a six-figure cost savings for the client.

Project Details

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Major Petroleum Company