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Olivenhain Dam

  • Olivenhain Dam
  • Olivenhain Dam
  • Olivenhain Dam
  • Olivenhain Dam

The core of the San Diego County Water Authority’s (SDCWA) Emergency Storage Plan, this $139-million, 318-foot-high roller compacted concrete (RCC) dam—the tallest in North America—stores more than 24,000 acre-feet of water for the SDCWA and the Olivenhain Municipal Water District.

Most Effecient and Cost-Effective Option

Kleinfelder staffed the dam project with 12 inspectors and technicians at all hours, six days a week. Besides designing the onsite laboratory, Kleinfelder provided testing and consulting in developing and qualifying the site-manufactured concrete aggregates, including gradation and quality, conducting more than 40 concrete mix designs in order to determine the most efficient and cost-effective option. Kleinfelder compiled and reported results using a state-of-the-art database system, streamlining data processing, and quality assurance evaluation.

On-Site Laboratory Services

The SDCWA sought a quality assurance team that could provide continuous staffing around the clock throughout this RCC dam’s construction, as well as an onsite laboratory with a reliable and experienced technical staff to provide exceptional materials testing at a high-volume rate.

Project Results

Kleinfelder’s innovative laboratory test reporting and automation program made results understandable and accessible online for all design and construction team members, providing the client with a unique, time-saving, and cost-saving solution to this major dam construction project.

Project Details

San Diego County, California

San Diego County Water Authority

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