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Lead Service Line Inventory

  • Lead Service Line Inventory
  • Lead Service Line Inventory
  • Lead Service Line Inventory
  • Lead Service Line Inventory

In accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Lead and Copper Rule Revisions, Kleinfelder is conducting field investigations and preparing an initial lead service line inventory of service line materials on the customer (private) side of the water meter, including all building types with a drinking water service for the City of San Diego, California.

History of Lead Service Lines

Lead water service lines were a commonly installed service line material throughout the early 1900s. The risks of lead plumbing are an increasing concern. The City of San Diego has worked diligently to identify and replace existing lead and galvanized service lines within the public water system for several decades. While this initiative has removed service lines in question on the City-side of the meter, it did not include replacement on the customer-owned side since inspection and replacement of the customer-side service line was not a requirement at that time.

Lead Service Line Inventory Deliverables

Kleinfelder is collaborating and developing an initial lead service line inventory that leverages existing data to identify customer service line materials. As part of this project, Kleinfelder will investigate existing customer service line material records and conduct field investigations to verify the materials. In addition, a report, hotspot map, lead service line inventory public-facing online portal, and data processing spreadsheets will be established. These items will serve as long-term tools and data infrastructure to assist in continuing to capture data and inform replacement of the customer service lines. The inventory is expected to be submitted to the state water authority by October 2024.

Project Results

The lead service line inventory has resulted in field investigation and material verification of 15,000 high-risk customer accounts.

At the conclusion of the investigation, the City of San Diego will have the tools necessary to inform the replacement of customer service lines, as well as the data infrastructure to continue to collect and report data.

Project Details

San Diego, CA
City of San Diego

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