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Holmes County and Millersburg Village Comprehensive Plan

  • Holmes County and Millersburg Village Comprehensive Plan

The Holmes County Planning Commission retained Kleinfelder to provide future planning for its already successful and diverse communities in Holmes County, Ohio. Using a four-phase approach, Kleinfelder provided guidance in the “Shaping Our Future” plan, which included extensive public input over the 18-month study period.

A Diverse Community

Holmes County, located in central Ohio, is a bustling hub of industry and tourism. With approximately 50% of the population identifying with the Amish community, special attention was needed to involve all members of the community and address specific challenges and opportunities faced by the Amish and English communities. Amish-related tourism in Holmes County accounts for $2 million in spending annually.

Holistic Approach

Kleinfelder’s team used a four-phase approach in the planning process that took place over 18 months. Phases included discovery, collaborative visioning, public input, and public review/final adoption. The County-appointed steering committee included stakeholders from the English and Amish communities, business owners, and citizens.
The planning process included eight public workshops that addressed the following:

  • Land use and zoning
  • Economic development
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Downtown revitalization and historic preservation
  • Infrastructure, utilities, and public services
  • Agricultural, natural, and cultural resources
  • Tourism

Public workshops were advertised in print and online media to garner maximum participation, and an online meeting link was provided for hybrid participation. During each meeting, participants were invited to review the challenges and opportunities surrounding each planning element.

Project Results

Kleinfelder delivered the “Shaping Our Future” planning document to Holmes County, Ohio. The comprehensive document provided insight into many aspects that will drive the County forward in positive directions over the coming years. It also included an implementation matrix, time frames, responsible parties, and funding sources that will allow the County to recognize the future vision.

Project Details

Holmes County, Ohio

Holmes County Planning Commission, Holmes County Economic Development Council, and Village of Millersburg

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