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Former MGP Facility

  • Former MGP Facility
  • Former MGP Facility
  • Former MGP Facility

A major utility company awarded Kleinfelder a master services term contract in 2011 (that was later renewed in 2017) to provide environmental and engineering consultant and contracting services for assessment, design and remediation of environmental liabilities associated with its former manufactured gas plant (MGP) sites.

Obtaining PADEP ACT 2 Site Closure 

The client tasked Kleinfelder with obtaining PADEP Act 2 site closure for a former MGP site. The site is positioned within an active community and bound by a hotel, a SEPTA commuter train station, office buildings, and a heavily traveled roadway. Soil remediation work was conducted in a phased approach according to the client’s annual MGP portfolio spend allocation and timeline. Upon completion of soil remediation, PADEP Act 2 site closure was achieved for soil, meeting the State’s most stringent standards. Groundwater site investigation is ongoing.

Exceeding PADEP Statewide Health Standards

Kleinfelder developed a conceptual site model for overburden MGP soil and groundwater impacts that exceeded PADEP Statewide Health Standards, allowing for an efficient remedial design. In collaboration with the client, remedial excavation and off-site disposal/treatment/recycling was selected as the preferred remedy for the soil medium; an approach that met the accelerated remediation timeline. A project team was assembled from across three regional Kleinfelder offices to provide experience and expertise in project-specific fields including remediation engineering, geotechnical engineering, civil engineering, environmental science, geology and ecology.

Project Results

Kleinfelder obtained local, state and federal work permits, including wetland permits from the Army Corps of Engineers. Wetland permits were procured on an accelerated schedule and with added complexity from involvement by the redeveloper regarding future plans for the property and future transfer of wetland maintenance and monitoring responsibilities.

Project Details

Pennsylvania, United States

Major Utility Company