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Former Litchfield-Middleton Natural Gas Plant

  • Former Litchfield-Middleton Natural Gas Plant
  • Former Litchfield-Middleton Natural Gas Plant

Elevated concentrations of mercury and lead were found in soil at a former natural gas processing plant. The Railroad Commission of Texas contracted Kleinfelder to investigate the extent of the soil contamination and develop and execute a remediation plan.

Mitigating Contamination and Health Concerns

The contamination was present in surface soils in an area of the former plant that had been redeveloped for residential use. Prolonged exposure to the contaminated soils could be harmful to the health of individuals in the area. Contaminated soil was also present in an area with an extensive network of abandoned piping.

Remediation Plan for Soil Removal

Kleinfelder’s investigation delineated the extent of contaminated surface soil, and the results were used to develop a remediation plan for removal of the impacted soil. Kleinfelder directed and managed soil removal contractors during remediation activities. Verification soil sampling was conducted and expedited sample analysis was obtained to avoid unnecessary delays. Where necessary, additional excavation and removal was completed.

Project Results

After completion of the soil removal action, remaining concentrations of lead and mercury were documented to be protective of human exposure. The area was backfilled with clean fill material and restored to its original elevation, thereby ensuring the health of individuals in the residential development.

Project Highlights

  • Kleinfelder delineated the extent of lead and mercury contamination in soil within a residential area and developed a soil remediation plan.
  • During excavation of the contaminated soil, soil samples were collected for expedited analysis, and additional soil was iteratively excavated, as necessary, to remove the extent of contamination.
  • Kleinfelder’s remedial strategy reduced the project schedule and soil excavation costs and successfully eliminated potential exposure of future residents to contaminated soils.

Project Details

Henderson County, Texas

Railroad Commission of Texas