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Bolivar Ferry Landing

  • Bolivar Ferry Landing
  • Bolivar Ferry Landing
  • Bolivar Ferry Landing
  • Bolivar Ferry Landing
  • Bolivar Ferry Landing

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) operates a free ferry between two barrier islands on the shore of the Gulf of Mexico. Over years of ferry operation, sediment had accumulated at the ferry landing, making it difficult for the boat pilots to avoid hitting bottom, especially during low tide. TxDOT planned to dredge sediment from the area of the ferry landing and use the dredged material for beach replenishment.

Ensuring the Safety of Beachgoers

TxDOT contracted Kleinfelder to assess the quality of the sediment prior to dredging to determine if chemicals were present at concentration levels that would pose potential health hazards to people using the beach. The primary challenge of the project was to obtain sediment cores at locations with water as deep as 30 feet and without interrupting ferry traffic.

Assessing Sediment Prior to Dredging

Kleinfelder engaged an experienced marine drilling subcontractor to advance sediment borings and acquire the sediment cores. Kleinfelder carefully coordinated the drilling schedule with TxDOT to avoid interrupting ferry operations. Sediment samples were analyzed by a contracted laboratory for potential chemicals of concern.

Project Results

Kleinfelder provided a report that compared the concentrations of chemicals of potential concern detected in the sediment to established health-based standards. Based on the results of the project, TxDOT was able to proceed with dredging the ferry landing, and the dredged material was used to replenish local beaches.

Project Highlights

  • Kleinfelder successfully characterized sediments and submitted a report comparing results to established health-based standards.
  • Ferry traffic was not disrupted by the sediment sampling program.
  • TxDOT was able to reuse sediment for local beach replenishment based on Kleinfelder’s assessment work.

Project Details

Galveston, Texas

Texas Department of Transportation