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Adams County Economic Development and Tourism Plan

  • Adams County Economic Development and Tourism Plan

Adams County Economic and Community Development selected Kleinfelder to lead the efforts to secure a $100,000 grant from Ohio’s Local Government Innovative Fund (LGIF) for planning purposes. Kleinfelder then led planning services for the development of an economic and tourism development plan for the County.

Economic Development and Tourism Initiatives

The County sought to create a plan to attract new businesses, retain existing businesses, enhance local downtown areas, develop financial incentives, and create new tourism marketing initiatives.

A Comprehensive Approach 

Kleinfelder retained local sub-consultants in marketing and urban design to help prepare a comprehensive plan addressing the County’s objectives. Adams County also appointed a 24-member committee to assist in the process. Kleinfelder also provided public meetings for community input. The completed plan included:

  • Strategies to attract new businesses and retain and assist existing ones;
  • Strategies to enhance the downtowns of Winchester, Seaman, Peebles, West Union and Manchester and to strengthen their connectivity to other Adams County assets, landmarks and trails;
  • Development of programs, promotional material, marketing and wayfinding mechanisms to strengthen tourism, including ecotourism, heritage tourism, and recreational opportunities;
  • Creation of a unique identity/brand for Adams County;
  • Enhancement recommendations for the county’s economic development financial incentives to make it more competitive;
  • Development of an achievable work plan to undertake the plan’s recommendations; and
  • Strengthening of the county’s delivery system (organizational structures) to implement the plan.

Project Results

The Economic Development and Tourism Plan addressed ways for the County to retain and attract more business and industry to the area. Taking a comprehensive approach, Kleinfelder addressed strategies to attract new businesses, the development of marketing strategies, ways to enhance financial incentives, and the development of an achievable work plan to implement recommendations.

Project Details

Adams County, Ohio

Adams County Economic and Community Development