Bill Hasbrook Named 2022 WTS-Heart of Texas Chapter’s Man of the Year

Bill Hasbrook, FDBIA, MEMS, TCFM was recently honored with the Women Transportation Seminar (WTS) – Heart of Texas Chapter 2022 Honorable Ray La Hood Man of the Year award for his outstanding achievements, leadership, and contributions to the field of transportation. This award is given specifically to a man who has led by example, seeks out opportunities to advance and advocate for women and minorities in his own organization and industry, and actively ensures that they are able to compete for key positions of authority. Bill not only challenged and placed individuals in historically non-traditional roles and encouraged the pursuit of professional licensing, but also focused on and mentored both women and minorities within Kleinfelder as well as for local, regional, and national professional organizations.

Commenting on the recognition, Bill stated, “I am not only humbled and honored by this recognition, but I have to admit a bit embarrassed as well. Embarrassed at being recognized for simply doing the right thing. The interesting part of that is that while I did look for specific opportunities to advance women and minorities, they got appointed to those positions, and their success came because they were simply the most qualified for the job. So, I accept it on behalf of the drive, motivation, focus, and successes of all those that took a chance on me mentoring and helping champion their paths forward. Here’s to all those superstars – they are the true award winners.”