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Yankee Gas LNG Facility

  • Yankee Gas LNG Facility
  • Yankee Gas LNG Facility
  • Yankee Gas LNG Facility
  • Yankee Gas LNG Facility
  • Yankee Gas LNG Facility

With its new $108 million liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility, Yankee Gas strengthened storage capacity to increase gas supply reliability and price stability. Over the long-term, the new LNG facility will help to decrease rates and stimulate the economic development of its 71 client communities.

Extreme Site and Regulatory Challenges

Site and regulatory challenges were extreme. State representatives of national code and regulatory organizations scrutinized the project for compliance with post 9/11 regulations. Local government and community groups presented additional concerns with the first inland LNG facility built in Connecticut in more than 30 years. The schedule was tight and the unique design relied on a few capable design-build teams.

Collaboration—From Concept to Commissioning

Kleinfelder collaborated with Yankee Gas from concept to commissioning. The team successfully located the project in a residential neighborhood by applying in-house LNG expertise to interpret relevant codes. Focusing on meeting the thermal and vapor dispersion setbacks allowed the project to sit in a hub for three major transmission pipelines. Kleinfelder supplied design services for remediating a brownfield and transforming it into a productive site. The team also provided expertise for both constructing the unique facility and explaining it to stakeholders, gaining their acceptance.

Project Results

Kleinfelder helped control costs, ensure a competitive bidding process, and manage a tight schedule. In addition to increased capacity and rate control, Yankee Gas received acknowledgement for the project’s environmental contribution. A difficult concept was accepted by the community and regulators, and the resulting award-winning project was completed on schedule within budget.

Project Details

Waterbury, Connecticut

Yankee Gas Services Company

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