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U.S. Route 7 Bypass

  • U.S. Route 7 Bypass
  • U.S. Route 7 Bypass
  • U.S. Route 7 Bypass
  • U.S. Route 7 Bypass
  • U.S. Route 7 Bypass

Kleinfelder performed project management, public participation, design, and construction phase services for this new, four-lane, limited-access 2.9-mile freeway in Brookfield, Connecticut. An extension of the original U.S. Route 7 expressway from I-84 to south of the New Milford Border, the new freeway bypasses the heavily congested Four Corners area and unique environmental landmarks.

Saving Time and Space

Due to the central function of this portion of Route 7, on-time completion would be vital to communities, commuters, and commercial interests in the surrounding towns. This demanded an aggressive design and construction schedule to minimize impact on neighborhoods, businesses, and areas of environmental concern. Furthermore, as the highway’s northern section contained breeding and migration habitats for several endangered species, Connecticut Department of Transportation (ConnDOT) sought to preserve the area’s unique environmental resources.

Paving the Way Together

In addition to designing three major bridges and two significant retaining walls, Kleinfelder’s conceptual planning involved preliminary design and valuation of several alternative alignments—ranging from upgrading the existing two-lane rural route through the business district to new route alignments in and around the area’s major obstacles. Kleinfelder carefully coordinated with ConnDOT and the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection to determine the most environmentally advantageous and cost-effective alignment of the project’s varying geology, adjacent landmarks, sensitive wetlands, and endangered species habitats.

Project Results

By collaborating closely with the contractor to seamlessly incorporate changes and improvements, Kleinfelder’s efforts resulted in successful on-time project completion, as well as preservation of the area’s unique natural resources. In addition, the stormwater management and drainage design included sustainable practices to improve future stormwater runoff quality and protect the natural habitats of endangered species.

Project Details

Brookfield, Connecticut

Connecticut Department of Transportation (ConnDOT)

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