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U.S. 95 (Idaho) Design

  • U.S. 95 (Idaho) Design
  • U.S. 95 (Idaho) Design
  • U.S. 95 (Idaho) Design
  • U.S. 95 (Idaho) Design
  • U.S. 95 (Idaho) Design

This $100 million transportation project involved design and realignment of approximately 15 miles of US 95 between Copeland, Idaho and the Canadian Border. Heavily used by commercial truck traffic, this portion of US 95 serves as a vital link to the flow of commerce between Canada and the U.S.

Problematic Property

In addition to a full range of renovations—roadway realignment, roadway widening, major grade separations, bridge replacements, and interchange redesign—the project also passed through wildlife-sensitive areas, archeologically sensitive areas, and U.S. Forest Service (USFS) right-of-way property. Full realignment along portions of the new highway involved access, mapping, drilling, and characterizing very rugged and steep terrain. The Kleinfelder team would need to navigate cultural and environmental obstacles, as well as a rough-and-tumble landscape.

Satisfying Stakeholders

After the team’s persistence and aggressiveness in securing all necessary conditional permits to enter USFS property, the team was able to performe investigation elements without disrupting the landscape or its stakeholders. Kleinfelder’s rock slope engineering experts first completed a full geological anaylsis, then provided geologic and geotechnical observation and design during construction, including review of the production, controlled blasting results on the high back walls, and identifying critical areas for additional slope stabilization methods, such as rock anchors.

Project Results

Our team’s intimate knowledge of ITD protocols allowed for ease of investigations, and close collaboration with the client enabled Kleinfelder to make design changes and stabilization recommendations in the field—all helping maintain schedule on this challenging and significant highway project.

Project Details

Copeland, Idaho

Idaho Transportation Department (ITD)

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