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Transmission Line Infrastructure Study

  • Transmission Line Infrastructure Study
  • Transmission Line Infrastructure Study
  • Transmission Line Infrastructure Study
  • Transmission Line Infrastructure Study
  • Transmission Line Infrastructure Study

A large investor-owned utility (IOU) company headquartered in New York manages 558 miles of transmission lines and more than 5,500 miles of distribution lines in three states. After one of the company’s largest customers, a Federal military facility, increased its electrical load due to rapid expansion over the past decade, the IOU sought Kleinfelder’s expertise in exploring transmission line routes and interim solutions to supply the additional power and help maintain this important client partnership.

A High-Pressure Problem

Since the IOU was under contract to provide the additional power to its high-profile government customer, Kleinfelder needed to develop and evaluate alternatives that were based on engineering feasibility, environmental approvability, and cost effectiveness. This involved replacing miles of old electric infrastructure, navigating environmental issues with surrounding wetlands and endangered species, and overseeing land acquisition issues with state parks and roads—all under close scrutiny by the Public Serive Commission and the various State and Federal Regulatory agencies.

Leadership and Collaboration

Kleinfelder met quickly and regularly with both the client and military staff to define problems, issues, and potential solutions, producing route maps to ensure that all project discipline teams, as well as the client, had the same understanding of the site study and issues. Together, Kleinfelder and the IOU consolidated the project into nine separate cases—each with different solutions. Kleinfelder then assigned teams to each project subtask, collaborating throughout the studies to cross-pollinate findings and data into a comprehensive review.

Project Results

After identifying associated issues and costs, Kleinfelder recommended a route that minimized environmental impacts, while delivering the required power to the military facility and nearby Village at a lower cost. Providing the IOU with a complete report saved the client further work and streamlined future relations with the project’s customer and other stakeholders.

Project Details

New York State – Hudson River Valley Region

Investor-Owned Utility (IOU)

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