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Templeton WWTP Design

  • Templeton WWTP Design
  • Templeton WWTP Design
  • Templeton WWTP Design
  • Templeton WWTP Design
  • Templeton WWTP Design

After a paper mill shut down, the Town of Templeton was left with a 25-year-old plant that was outdated, significantly oversized, and extremely costly to operate—$50,000 a month. The Town sought Kleinfelder’s assistance in downsizing the plant to better meet the community’s needs.

Oversized and Out of Compliance

Kleinfelder was hired by the Town of Templeton to perform a study of the existing wastewater treatment facility (WWTF), evaluate future loading conditions, and determine a method to effectively downsize the significantly-oversized plant from 3 MGD to 0.6 MGD. Additionally, the plant failed to meet the stringent nutrient limits in discharging to the Otter River, leading to the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) issuing an Administrative Consent Order to upgrade the facility.

Downsizing and Upgrading

Kleinfelder’s preliminary engineering report identified several recommended facility upgrades to replace aging equipment, provide consistent wastewater treatment, and meet discharge limitations. After evaluating several treatment processes, Kleinfelder recommended the sequencing batch process for its ability to meet existing and future anticipated permit limits, low capital cost and 20-year lifecycle cost, proven reliability at U.S. plants, ease of operation, and ability to reuse much of the existing facility.

Project Results

After providing recommendations, Kleinfelder was subsequently retained to design the sequencing batch reactor plant upgrade. Kleinfelder has assisted the Town in gaining priority approval for State Revolving Fund financing and Department of Enivronmental Protection approval for construction. The completed project is now successfully and consistently meeting its permit requirements.

Project Details

Templeton, Massachusetts

Town of Templeton

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