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State Route 4 Bypass and Widening

  • State Route 4 Bypass and Widening
  • State Route 4 Bypass and Widening
  • State Route 4 Bypass and Widening
  • State Route 4 Bypass and Widening

Kleinfelder provided construction materials sampling and testing, materials quality assurance (QA) program management, and laboratory testing for the $1.4 billion State Route 4 (SR-4) Highway Widening and Interchanges Project. The Project covered about 20 miles of highway and roadway, broken into seven segments and nine interchanges, with work being performed concurrently on several individual contracts.

Multifaceted Project Involving Several Stakeholders

In addition to bypassing the old SR-4 alignment, the widening project included 27 bridges and culverts, on/off ramps, street improvements, drainage facilities, earth slope excavation and re-construction, CMU sound and retaining walls, a water treatment plant construction, and BART rail alignment with pedestrian over-crossing, maintenance facility and access tunnel. Coordination with several stakeholders was also required, including the Contra Costa Transportation Authority, local cities and agencies, Caltrans, BART, Metropolitan Transportation Commission, California Transportation Commission, and Federal Highway Administration.

Depth of Certified Resources & Effective Management

Kleinfelder developed and managed a QA program using a local team dedicated to the bypass and widening program. Leveraging Caltrans and/or AWS/NACE certified technicians, inspectors, and laboratories, we were able to work on multiple concurrent and diverse aspects of the overall program. The continuity of our team between each of the ongoing corridor contracts helped facilitate communication and coordination between our client, oversight representatives, and stakeholders. Our broad geographic coverage was a significant advantage, as we were able to use in-house staff to perform timely off-site fabrication inspection. Our flexibility and effective management of multiple phases of ongoing work allowed us to reduce or eliminate potential delays caused by unexpected changes in scope.

Project Results

Kleinfelder’s flawless delivery strengthened relationships between our client and local cities/agencies and the various stakeholders. Additionally, by remaining current with industry advancements, such as standard specification changes; test methods and inspector certification requirements; and oversight acceptance  criteria, our team facilitated timely Caltrans acceptance of each individual contract as they were opened to the public and ultimately, completed.

Project Details

Pittsburg to Byron, California

Contra Costa Transportation Authority

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