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Stanford University School of Medicine

  • Stanford University School of Medicine
  • Stanford University School of Medicine
  • Stanford University School of Medicine

Since its initial construction in 1950, Stanford University’s School of Medicine (SoM) has experienced significant growth. Following development of a master plan, the SoM centralized campus services and constructed a central loading dock. Kleinfelder worked with the SoM to integrate its new dock into the existing service infrastructure, while mitigating conflicts between pedestrians and vehicle traffic.

Integrating Old and New

The SoM’s growth, higher density, diminished open space, and more congested travel corridors, the traditional service approach was problematic. After building a centralized loading dock as part of its new service infrastructure, the SoM engaged Kleinfelder to maximize its existing underground tunnel system and decrease surface traffic, with the goal of a more pedestrian- and bike-friendly environment.

Ensuring Operational Efficiency and Safety

Kleinfelder reviewed existing utility surveys, conducted onsite interviews and evaluations, and performed a connectivity analysis to establish how the dock could be linked to the tunnel system and vertical circulation. Through detailed analysis and modeling, we identified the optimal size and type of mechanical dock and transit equipment that could be used. We also created maps to model traffic flow and turnaround capacity. Furthermore, we integrated signage and safety features to help establish Standard Operating Procedures for facility operators and vendors.

Project Results

Kleinfelder helped the SoM achieve its vision of serving a campus expected to add more than one million square feet of space over the next decade. Our detailed evaluation and analysis resulted in designs that improved efficiency of service operations, while increasing safety for pedestrians, vehicles, and bicycles.

Project Details

Palo Alto, California

Stanford University

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