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Southern Hills Pipeline

  • Southern Hills Pipeline
  • Southern Hills Pipeline
  • Southern Hills Pipeline
  • Southern Hills Pipeline
  • Southern Hills Pipeline

The extension of the 270-mile Southern Hills Pipeline will create new natural gas liquids (NGLs) transportation capacity from the mid-continental U.S. to premium Gulf Coast markets in Texas. Approximately 100 miles of additional lateral lines will connect several processing plants to the Southern Hills trunk line.

A Host of Project Challenges

Client challenges included regulatory permitting and compliance requirements, field assessment logistics, budgetary concerns, and an extremely aggressive and dynamic construction schedule. Other concerns included extreme weather conditions (from 10° to 114° F), potential wildfire threats, construction schedule changes, survey time limitations, pace of right-of-way (ROW) locations, limited access, and satisfying the multi-faceted and competing needs of the client’s management, construction, and ROW teams.

Leveraging Advanced Mapping

Kleinfelder provided comprehensive environmental assessment, planning, and permitting services, and agency coordination. Kleinfelder conducted environmental surveys in multiple phases, proactively identifying impacts to natural and cultural resources. Field crews used GIS maps to locate trunk line and intersecting land parcels, plan daily routes, and navigate the proposed pipeline route. GIS mapping was also used to identified the location of waterways, threatened and endangered species habitat, migratory birds, cultural/historical findings, and pipelines requiring horizontal directional drilling.

Project Results

By quickly mobilizing appropriate personnel from multiple offices and leveraging its GIS expertise, Kleinfelder helped the client advance construction ahead of schedule. Specifically, Kleinfelder’s skill in identifying, documenting, and mapping potential natural resource and cultural resource impacts precluded the need for additional coordination with federal and state agencies.

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