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Roadway Improvements Visualization

  • Roadway Improvements Visualization
  • Roadway Improvements Visualization
  • Roadway Improvements Visualization
  • Roadway Improvements Visualization

Our client asked Kleinfelder to compile photo simulation visuals for “before and after” comparisons for proposed improvements in the New Street Area of Cambridge, Massachusetts. The improvements include curbs, grass, walkways, bike lanes, and crosswalks.

A Complex Site

The City of Cambridge needed to improve the crosswalk area for a very busy intersection that was part of a rotary. Safety and time savings were part of the motivation for the improvements. Close to the intersection is a large apartment complex. Across from the complex, the city is planning to build a walkway, as many of the residents like to walk their dogs in this area. Furthermore, there will be clear bike lane markings to accommodate the heavy traffic of cyclists in the area.

Seamless Image Integration

After building out the assets in 3D based off of civil plan views, it was a challenge getting the new assets to match the photo, as the proposed landscape was changing so much. Additionally, the client wanted to see a raised crosswalk at a distant angle. Our 3D team had to use some creative techniques to get the proposed and existing images to matchup seamlessly, including making the distant crosswalk more prominent. The final image showed the crosswalk as the client had intended.

Project Results

In a compressed timeframe, Kleinfelder’s 3D team provided key stakeholders—including nearby landowners and the community—highly detailed images of what the proposed development would look like, so everyone understood and agreed on what was being built. This was critical before breaking ground to avoid costly project delays and rework, while also giving the public a strong sense of ownership, confidence, and satisfaction in the project.

Project Details

Cambridge, Massachusetts

City of Cambridge

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