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Production Laboratories

  • Production Laboratories
  • Production Laboratories

A major energy producer has a number of operating areas where for sampling and analyzing production fluids. These areas were in need of new, updated laboratories that meet the requirements of today’s
operating environment.

Modernizing and Constructing Five Laboratories

The client was modernizing and constructing five laboratories for analytical testing of both oil and water production fluids. Some of these labs were upgraded and some were new modular construction.

Designing a Modular Lab

Kleinfelder developed a new laboratory specification for the Client to use.  The specification required extensive stakeholder consultations on-site and alignment with current codes and regulations. Labs were to be as modular as possible, with all work—including precommissioning—done off-site.  Kleinfelder provided all front-end engineering, detailed engineering, and worked with specialized partners to develop complete HVAC and interior design services.

Project Results

Kleinfelder provided a collaborative and unique specification that met the client’s needs. It implemented that specification in the development, design, and construction of five laboratories. Although the designs started from a common specification, each lab was unique to service the operating area in which it was installed.

Project Details

Alberta, Canada

Major Energy Producer

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