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Plant Regulatory Compliance

  • Plant Regulatory Compliance
  • Plant Regulatory Compliance
  • Plant Regulatory Compliance

For more than 20 years, Kleinfelder has partnered with a global manufacturer of specialty chemicals to develop and implement solutions to maintain optimum performance and regulatory compliance at two chemical manufacturing plants near the Gulf Coast of Texas.

Staying Prepared and Ahead of Requirements

As producers of lubricant additives for transportation and industrial applications, these Texas facilities work diligently to operate at peak efficiency while maintaining full compliance with all applicable environmental regulations. That means staying ahead of compliance requirements and being prepared for potential risks associated with operating a chemical plant, including impacts to employees and surrounding communities.

Exposing and Mitigating Potential Risks

As a trusted advisor, Kleinfelder has provided the manufacturer with compliance and professional engineering expertise, plant engineering, environmental sampling and analysis, and remedial design and implementation solutions for a variety of issues. These include: preparing hazardous waste permit and compliance plan renewal applications; conducting subsurface investigations of soil and groundwater contamination and waste characterization; coordinating response activities for 14 spill incidents that were successfully investigated and remediated; preparing a baseline risk assessment demonstrating that potential risks from soil and groundwater contamination were below regulatory limits; designing and installing a groundwater recovery system; and providing litigation support for a Superfund Site.

Project Results

With a focus on client service, Kleinfelder has successfully provided creative and effective solutions to help maintain plant performance and regulatory compliance. Armed with an intimate knowledge of plant operations, including project profile histories, Kleinfelder is poised to continue its partnership with the manufacturer, working together to meet the company’s goals, from acquisitions to plant expansions and upgrades.

Project Details

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