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Norwalk Transit District, Pulse Point

  • Norwalk Transit District, Pulse Point
  • Norwalk Transit District, Pulse Point
  • Norwalk Transit District, Pulse Point
  • Norwalk Transit District, Pulse Point
  • Norwalk Transit District, Pulse Point

Kleinfelder was prime consultant for the Norwalk Transit District (NTD) to develop better circulation and amenities at the Pulse Point facility. Located on Burnell Boulevard, the 15-busbay Pulse Point facilitates transfer among all of NTD’s fixed-route buses, as well as buses from four other public agencies.

Site, Service, and Construction Constraints

The NTD Pulse Point is located within a normal street right-of-way between a sloping roadway and a recently constructed apartment building. The narrow site prevented the design from using a single roofing structure to provide shelter. An additional planning constraint involved the importance to the NTD of maintaining all Pulse Point services throughout construction.

Functional Design and Reduced Schedule

Kleinfelder designed a stainless steel frame/architectural tension fabric structure comprised of seven nested canopies. This allows the roofline to follow the street slope, provides a uniform structure height, and protects passengers from the elements. Kleinfelder analyzed the load capacity of an adjacent bridge which allowed NTD to use it to temporarily relocated operations thereby reducing impacts to the transit passengers and the construction schedule as opposed to proceeding with a phased construction process. The new facility consists of an organized safety zone, covered seating zone, pedestrian travel way, seat walls, landscaping, a public gathering area, and an extensive camera security system. The translucent fabric canopies are lighted from below, using high-efficiency LED light fixtures to reduce operational costs, lending a pleasant glow to the area.

Project Results

The new Pulse Point provides enhanced amenities and an improved visual quality to an important transit facility. In addition to improving operations, safety, and weather protection, Kleinfelder’s design has enhanced the overall passenger experience. The community has embraced the project, and the NTD has received many positive comments.

Project Details

Norwalk, Connecticut

Norwalk Transit District

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