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New San Bernardino Courthouse

  • New San Bernardino Courthouse
  • New San Bernardino Courthouse
  • New San Bernardino Courthouse
  • New San Bernardino Courthouse
  • New San Bernardino Courthouse

This $304 million, 360,000-square-foot courthouse on a seven-acre site consolidates services from seven facilities and includes two sections: a four-story administrative building and an eleven-story courtroom tower. Designed to complement the city’s historic courthouse, this flexible, modern, and sustainable center for justice will meet the needs of the Superior Court for future generations.

A Full Suite of Services

The new courthouse must house the criminal, traffic, family law, probate, and dependency divisions of the Superior Court, as well as court administration, jury services, sheriff’s operations, and in-custody holding. The Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) sought aesthetics that recall the historic courthouse and reflect the dignity of the Superior Court. In addition, the AOC seeks to establish a sustainable model of development in the city, targeting a LEED Silver certification at minimum.

Leveraging Our Technical Network

Kleinfelder’s project teams developed a plan to facilitate meticulous tracking of the various project deliverables, including concrete mix design submittal reviews and welding procedure specifications. A large concrete placement—more than 7,000 cubic yards in a continuous overnight pour—required 20 inspectors and three management staff to ensure coverage of all ongoing projects. Kleinfelder also coordinated staff from five offices to provide continuous inspection services during the structural steel fabrication processes at six different locations.

Project Results

Kleinfelder’s deep understanding of the client’s changing needs, along with exceptional planning, ability to adapt quickly, and flawless delivery, have given project stakeholders strong confidence in the designed foundation and building systems, while keeping the fast-track project on schedule.

Project Details

San Bernardino, California

State of California Administrative Office of the Courts

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