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Nansemond River Pipeline Replacement

  • Nansemond River Pipeline Replacement
  • Nansemond River Pipeline Replacement
  • Nansemond River Pipeline Replacement

A pipeline beneath Virginia’s Nansemond River, owned and operated by a major pipeline company, was installed in the 1950s and required replacement, as it was nearing the end of its life expectancy. In order to replace 9,126 feet of the existing 14-inch-diameter pipeline, Kleinfelder was contracted by the company to provide engineering, procurement and construction management (EpCM) services.

Achieving Right-of-Way

Complicating this project was a right-of-way on the east side of the river that passed between a middle school and a heavily developed residential subdivision. The pipeline ROW was also located in an environmentally sensitive area with aquatic and ecological species considerations. Further, due to the length of the HDD coupled with the engineering, construction and environmental constraints, the project required extensive design and construction expertise.

Proximity To Sensitive Sites

HDD was selected as the most economical and environmentally sensitive method of replacing the 1.7-mile section of pipeline considering the proximity to navigable water ways, wetlands, oyster leaseholds, residences, and archeological sites. To address environmental and right-of-way concerns, Kleinfelder participated in public communication efforts, incorporated a sound attenuation wall into the design, provided vibration monitoring during drilling, and maintained a daily field presence to inspect project quality.

Project Results

The pipeline was successfully installed, tested and returned to service with no impact to surrounding receptors or the community. With the help of Kleinfelder, the Nansemond River project was one of the longest HDD projects the pipeline client had ever completed and concluded safely, on schedule, and on budget.

Project Details

Nansemond River, Virginia

Major Pipeline Company

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