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Multiple Corporate Gas Plant Projects

  • Multiple Corporate Gas Plant Projects
  • Multiple Corporate Gas Plant Projects
  • Multiple Corporate Gas Plant Projects

DCP Midstream is the largest natural gas liquids (NGL) producer and one of the largest marketers of natural gas and natural gas byproducts in the nation. DCP continues to grow in fast developing areas, operating in the major producing regions across the U.S., and is one of Kleinfelder’s key clients in the growing energy market.

Challenges Due to Project Size and Complexity

While a fast-evolving market is a sure sign of industry growth, its competitive nature challenged NGL producers to keep up with the rapid and substantial increase in workload. Under heavy pressure from the number and size of projects planned over a three-year period, the client’s project managers struggled to keep work moving forward. In order to help DCP remain abreast of its massive project portfolio, Kleinfelder needed to provide immediate project control support services—scheduling, cost control, and status reporting—on large-scale gas plan projects in Colorado, Texas, and Oklahoma.

Scheduling and Successful Integration

Introducing a new role into a high-growth company is a challenging endeavor, requiring creative skills and techniques. Kleinfelder’s staff augmentation contract necessitated a dual work product: 1) providing the schedule and cost services in a timely manner with high  level of technical quality and 2) the successful integration of a new role into the client organization by establishing trust through collaborative relationships and exceptional interpersonal communication.

Project Results

Leveraging our program management expertise, we worked closely with our client to create three new project control roles in its organization, including a financial cost analyst, project control coordinator, and document control administrator. These additional resources provide critically needed support to multiple entities for improved efficiency and project workflow, while enabling the client Project Manager to focus on senior level tasks—all helping to reduce risk.

Project Details

Denver, Colorado

DCP Midstream

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