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Mariposa Lakes Integrated Water Management Plan

  • Mariposa Lakes Integrated Water Management Plan
  • Mariposa Lakes Integrated Water Management Plan

Kleinfelder was retained by PCCP Mariposa Lakes, LLC (PCCPML) to assess the feasibility of groundwater recharge to enable planned water usage at the Mariposa Lakes Development—a 3,810-acre site in San Joaquin County, California, intended for a wide range of residential, educational, recreational, commercial, and industrial uses.

Environmental Priorities

Consistent with its commitment to environmental stewardship, the developer intends to establish and maintain a plan for sustainable water usage for the Mariposa Lakes Development. An important element of the integrated water management plan (IWMP) is its incorporation of artificial groundwater recharge as a means for adding to and enhancing groundwater resources beneath the site. Kleinfelder assessed the feasibility of the development’s groundwater recharge operations.

An Accurate Achievement

In December 2006, Kleinfelder drilled and sampled six soil borings and installed three monitoring wells. Using soil boring information from these investigations, Kleinfelder created a 3D model of the subsurface. This helped account for vertical and lateral movement of water applied to the recharge site in estimating infiltration rates and the volumes of water that can be recharged. Through this process, Kleinfelder achieved accurate estimations of groundwater percolation rates on the development.

Project Results

Kleinfelder demonstrated that approximately 8,500 acre feet of water per year could be recharged at full development capacity. This and other estimations provided the client with accurate, relevant data to move forward in its land development plans.

Project Details

Stockton, California

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