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Lyons Quarry Slope Analysis

  • Lyons Quarry Slope Analysis
  • Lyons Quarry Slope Analysis
  • Lyons Quarry Slope Analysis
  • Lyons Quarry Slope Analysis
  • Lyons Quarry Slope Analysis

The inactive Lyons Quarry is being evaluated for closure and reclamation in accordance with the original permit and regulations of the Colorado Mined Land Reclamation Board. Kleinfelder conducted field explorations, laboratory testing and engineering stability analyses to provide supporting data for the reclamation of the highwall and fill slopes.

Potential Instability and Geologic Hazards

Aggregate Industries is evaluating the site and negotiating with the property and minerals owners to extend the lease and continue mining or reclaim the site, in coordination with potential developers who were also negotiating with the property and mineral owners. Reclamation would include configuring the highwall and fill slopes to address the potential for instability or other geologic hazards, or geological conditions that could potentially impact the site.

Leaving No Stone Unturned

Field investigations of highwall and rock slopes—requiring mountaineering techniques—included geologic, vertical, and line mapping, as well as excavation and testing of fill slope materials. We also used innovative Sirovision software to conduct photogeologic mapping of the rock mass discontinuities and produce 3D outcrop models. Our engineering analysis resulted in a technical report with a slope stability exhibit suitable for submittal to the Reclamation Board, as well as alternatives for our client’s cost/benefit analyses.

Project Results

Kleinfelder provided Aggregate Industries the supporting data to evaluate future mining at the site and effectively negotiate with owners and potential developers. The recommended slope angles, based on Kleinfelder’s expert engineering analyses, also will provide our client a substantial savings during reclamation, as compared to the original permit reclamation slopes.

Project Details

Lyons, Colorado

Aggregate Industries

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