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Los Gatos Creek Bridge Replacement

  • Los Gatos Creek Bridge Replacement
  • Los Gatos Creek Bridge Replacement
  • Los Gatos Creek Bridge Replacement

In order to maintain safe rail operations and meet current seismic safety standards, Caltrain needed to replace the aging railroad bridge at Los Gatos Creek in San Jose, CA. The project also included installation of a tail track south of the San Jose Diridon station. Kleinfelder was selected to provide quality assurance program management, materials testing and special inspection services for construction of the project.

Work Plans Designed for Continuous Progress

Kleinfelder’s scope as QA Program Manager, Materials Testing and Special Inspection Provider included in-depth reviews and evaluations of the contractor’s QC Manual and QC Plan to allow notice to proceed, as well as development of a QA Program and Plan for the project’s CM Team. Caltrain requires site specific work plans for certain phases of construction, which are developed and reviewed as work proceeds. Our QA Program implementation and maintenance, along with oversight of the QC Program and Work Activity Plans for each individual item of work allowed continuous progress and reduced costly delays.

Wide Array of Services Provided

Kleinfelder provided source inspections during girder fabrication in Antioch; welding and coatings inspections for permanent steel column casings fabricated in Washington; and welded hoops identification, sampling, and lab testing. In the field, our Roadway Worker Protection (RWP) trained field inspectors worked seamlessly with our CM and Owner Teams to sample and test structural foundation system concrete for the bridge bents, abutments, and retaining walls. We provided earthwork, aggregates, HMA, and Ballast sampling and testing. civil engineering, environmental science, geology and ecology.

Project Results

Kleinfelder’s scope was completed with zero recordable accidents or injuries to our staff. All construction activities were performed during live daytime track windows between trains, or at night while unrestricted access to the alignment was available.Kleinfelder leveraged staff from our Oakland, Pleasanton, Hayward, and Pittsburg offices to complete the project on time and under authorized fee.

Project Details

San Jose, California


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