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Liberty Quarry

  • Liberty Quarry
  • Liberty Quarry
  • Liberty Quarry
  • Liberty Quarry
  • Liberty Quarry

Granite Construction Co. proposed development of a 414-acre rock quarry operation on a high-quality granitic rock site in Southern California. Once completed, Liberty Quarry would produce up to 5 million tons per year of aggregates and other construction materials, supplying construction materials to the region for as long as the next 75 years.

Addressing Public Concern

Community concerns about the mining operation, combined with the strict compliance requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), required in-depth analyses of potential environmental impacts, as well as clear and precise communication with public and local regulatory agencies. Determining the actual potential impacts of the proposed project to local and regional air quality, water resources, and traffic proved critical to successfully permitting the proposed quarry.

Responding Proactively

To satisfy the client, the public, and CEQA requirements, Kleinfelder performed in-depth analyses of potential impacts, using advanced techniques to demonstrate that the proposed quarry-related operations would not exceed ambient air quality standards or pose health risks to surrounding communities. To address impacts to air quality, Kleinfelder analyzed emission sources and helped develop an innovative Clean Trucks Program. To address impacts to water resources, Kleinfelder conducted geologic and hydrologic investigation, as well as seismic, slope stability, and rock mechanics evaluations.

Project Results

Kleinfelder’s findings have provided Granite with the necessary information to undergo the CEQA process. We also helped address public concerns by clarifying the potential environmental impacts, describing the science behind the analyses so that policymakers can make informed decisions and strengthening the evidence to support the permitting decision.

Project Details

Temecula, California

Granite Construction Company

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