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Kline’s Island WWTP Nutrient Removal

  • Kline’s Island WWTP Nutrient Removal

Kleinfelder has served the City of Allentown since 2007 in addressing a variety of issues related to its 40-milion-gallon-per-day (MGD) Kline’s Island Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) and tributary collection system. Services have included studies, regulatory assistance, conceptual design, and program management.

Meeting Economic and Regulatory Uncertainty

Kleinfelder evaluated alternatives and developed budgetary costs to establish the most cost-effective option for upgrading the plant and expanding capacity to 44 MGD, while complying with anticipated new effluent limitations. We also prepared a Conceptual Expansion Plan for the plant to assess the worst-case potential economic impact resulting from passage of the proposed legislation.

Systerm-Wide Improvements and Proactive Management

Kleinfelder is assisting the City as Co-Program Manager for a multi-phase project to eliminate sanitary sewer overflows in the City’s collection system, consisting of 285 miles of pipe. Tasks include preparing reports to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on progress being made to comply with an Administrative Order to reduce infiltration and inflow and eliminate sanitary sewer overflows. Some of the plant capacity issues can be mitigated through better wet weather flow management. Kleinfelder developed this management plan, as well as an alternatives analysis to reduce the frequency of use and volume of flow discharged from the plant’s emergency bypass Outfall 003, and presented these alternatives, along with supporting information, to the EPA and Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

Project Results

Through the evaluation of 10 alternatives, Kleinfelder has helped the City of Allentown identify the most cost-effective approach to meet the technical and regulatory demands of the future.

Project Details

Allentown, Pennsylvania

City of Allentown, Pennsylvania

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