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Interstate 405 Improvement Project

  • Interstate 405 Improvement Project
  • Interstate 405 Improvement Project
  • Interstate 405 Improvement Project
  • Interstate 405 Improvement Project

Kleinfelder is currently serving as the prime consultant providing public outreach for the OCTA I-405 Improvement Project. This project will include widening the freeway, bridges, and overcrossings as well as construction of new on/off ramps. The ultimate goal is to improve travel conditions for work, recreation, school, and commerce by increasing freeway capacity, improving traffic and interchange operations, and enhancing road safety to meet state and federal standards.

Vast Project Site

The various elements of this mega-infrastructure project take place along a 16-mile stretch of the I-405 and encompasses several cities, including Westminster, Fountain Valley, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, and the community of Rossmoor. The sheer size of this project creates a unique challenge to ensure that each community and stakeholder is engaged and has a voice. This requires a specific and comprehensive public outreach program that ensures vital project information is communicated with all stakeholders, including businesses, residents, elected officials, and the many culturally diverse communities along the project corridor.

Communicating all Phases of the Project

Kleinfelder is working with OCTA and the technical teams to develop and implement a comprehensive public outreach plan that will ensure accurate information regarding both phases of the I-405 Improvement Project, pre-construction and construction, reaches targeted constituents and communities in an innovative, timely, and cost-effective manner.

Project Results

The public outreach plan will proactively inform motorists, merchants, employers, local residents, elected officials, civic organizations, and government agencies about project details, as well as anticipated construction impacts and activities. Based on public feedback, Kleinfelder will provide steps that can be taken by OCTA and the technical teams to minimize those impacts.

Project Details

Orange County, California

Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA)

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