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I-70 Over Havana Bridge Replacement Design-Build

  • I-70 Over Havana Bridge Replacement Design-Build
  • I-70 Over Havana Bridge Replacement Design-Build
  • I-70 Over Havana Bridge Replacement Design-Build

Kleinfelder is providing quality assurance sampling, testing, and inspection on all project work elements, as well as document management, on this design-build project that involves replacement of a high-use interstate bridge (I-70 over Havana).  The corridor is one of the busiest in the state, connecting Denver to its eastern suburbs and Denver International Airport.

Site Challenges and Unique Project Structure

CDOT approached the project utilizing a Design-Build project structure, with Kleinfelder, the Quality Acceptance Firm, working directly for the Design-Build team. This is one of the first examples of CDOT completing a major infrastructure project with this type of project set-up. In addition to the unique project structure, the project required bridge construction to be completed with minimal impact to the public traveling along one of the state’s busiest corridors. With a portion of the bridge constructed over an active Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) rail line, additional coordination and heightened safety was required.

Construction Compliance and Improved Implementation

Kleinfelder seamlessly integrated with the Design-Build team on this pilot project, implementing, documenting and maintaining a quality acceptance program; developing and implementing the contractor’s construction quality management plan; and ensuring compliance with the CDOT’s requirements. Kleinfelder provided oversight and auditing of the Contractor’s traffic control operations, to ensure compliance with approved plans as well as identified ways to improve implementation in order to minimize impacts to the public. Our staff were trained in UPRR safety guidelines and coordinated their project efforts with a representative of UPRR, Ownership, and the Contractor.

Project Results

Kleinfelder was able to successfully implement a quality management plan that ensured construction occurred in accordance with FHWA requirements. We proved to be an integral part of the team when the Design-Build team was unable to obtain CDOT approval for the Construction Environmental Compliance Plan (ECP), which threatened to hold up construction. After numerous failed submittals, the Design-Build team asked Kleinfelder to take on the additional task of re-writing and implementing the project ECP.  With our input, CDOT quickly approved the ECP and its implementation, keeping construction on schedule.

Project Details

Denver, Colorado

Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT)

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