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I-10Tippecanoe Interchange

  • I-10Tippecanoe Interchange
  • I-10Tippecanoe Interchange
  • I-10Tippecanoe Interchange
  • I-10Tippecanoe Interchange
  • I-10Tippecanoe Interchange

Kleinfelder is currently serving as the prime consultant providing public outreach, construction management, and inspection services for the I-10/Tippecanoe Interchange project. The planned improvements will relieve traffic congestion and enhance access to key destinations, such as the Loma Linda University and Medical Center, the Jerry Pettis Memorial Veterans Administration Medical Center, the San Bernardino International Trade Center, the San Bernardino International Airport, and local retail centers.

Right-of-Way Impacts and Road Closures

This project includes several elements that require a proactive public outreach effort, including right-of-way impacts and significant road closures. Additionally, the area in which the construction is taking place requires targeted outreach to several key stakeholders, including three cities, San Bernardino County, business owners, residents, two major hospitals, and the local Ronald McDonald House.

Shifting Public Opinion

Kleinfelder is executing a comprehensive public awareness campaign that includes several tailored plans to reach stakeholders and the diverse communities within the project corridor. Shifting public opinion has been managed by establishing a construction hotline and canvassing the project area with construction alerts at least one week in advance of any scheduled closure. Additionally, an Emergency Responders Taskforce was established to ensure that emergency services (fire, ambulance, etc.) are well informed of project closures that may affect their routes.

Project Results

Through proactive planning and communication, the public relations team has successfully increased public awareness and understanding of the project, and there were no delays to construction activities due to public complaints or opposition. The team also managed the delivery of more than 1,000 construction alerts to businesses and residents where no calls were received by the construction project hotline.

Project Details

San Bernardino and Loma Linda, California

San Bernardino Associated Governments (SANBAG)

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