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Hoag ECU and Imaging Renovation

  • Hoag ECU and Imaging Renovation
  • Hoag ECU and Imaging Renovation
  • Hoag ECU and Imaging Renovation

Beginning in 2002, Kleinfelder has provided geotechnical and materials testing services to Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian in Newport Beach, California—completing almost 50 projects worth nearly $3 million.

Centralizing Certification

This $20 million Emergency Care Unit (ECU) and Imaging Renovation project is the third phase of the existing Ancillary Building structural upgrade and renovation. The project falls under the jurisdiction of the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development and requires special inspectors certified by the International Code Council and the American Welding Society (Certified Welding Inspector). Kleinfelder’s materials testing and inspection teams work diligently to meet these standards in a streamlined, communicative manner.

A Lean, Green Machine

Kleinfelder’s experts in Southern California worked to meet the materials testing and inspection needs of this high-profile new health center. The team performed a range of services, including soil compaction testing, observation of drilled pier foundations and grade beams, batch plant inspection, structural masonry, structural steel welding and bolting, shop fabrication inspection, non-destructive testing of welds, spray-applied fireproofing, and more. The team also provided evaluation of demolished structural steel members to be re-used in the new construction.

Project Results

Since 2004, Kleinfelder has had a resident senior inspector onsite to coordinate and conduct as-needed inspection services—providing an unparalleled level of continuity with the inspection team. The ECU and Imaging Renovation project received no less exceptional treatment, achieving certification and cost-effective project success in a timely, coordinated fashion.

Project Details

Newport Beach, California

Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian

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