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Harvard University Allston Campus

  • Harvard University Allston Campus
  • Harvard University Allston Campus
  • Harvard University Allston Campus
  • Harvard University Allston Campus
  • Harvard University Allston Campus

Kleinfelder was selected as the on-call architect, engineer, and planner for Harvard University’s planned $10 billion, 10-million-square-foot new Allston campus. This 208-acre site in the Allston neighborhood of Boston, across from the University’s main campus, will involve many phases and several decades to fully develop.

Clean and Green

Harvard’s goals for the Allston study included establishing an overall servicing plan, integrated service infrastructure, and operational support; developing a materials management system to support the academic and research mission of the University; and supporting Harvard’s Green Campus Initiative through enhanced recycling, reduction of carbon dioxide output, and maximized green space. Kleinfelder prioritized these goals in its study and development of the proposed Institutional Master Plan.

A Comprehensive Approach

Kleinfelder thoroughly studied the proposed Institutional Master Plan, and also interviewed academic divisions, maintenance personnel, and consultants. The team then recommended the following actions: sister materials handling and utility underground infrastructure to minimize costs; group buildings into below-ground service catchment areas; develop underground service nodes and distribution tunnels to accommodate full build-out in each district; install freight elevators in each complex with easy access from the tunnels; and devise a proactive materials management operational strategy for the entire campus.

Project Results

In addition to reducing service traffic, enhancing green space, reducing noise and odors, increasing pedestrian safety, and ensuring efficient service operations, Kleinfelder’s recommendations also provided guidelines for future service systems projects, while contributing to meeting sustainability goals for the Allston campus.

Project Details

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