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Harrison Hub Fractionation Facility

  • Harrison Hub Fractionation Facility
  • Harrison Hub Fractionation Facility
  • Harrison Hub Fractionation Facility
  • Harrison Hub Fractionation Facility
  • Harrison Hub Fractionation Facility

In collaboration with the joint venture’s partners, Access Midstream, M3 Midstream, and EV Energy Partners—Kleinfelder is helping to build the largest integrated midstream service complex in Eastern Ohio for processing natural gas and natural gas liquids (NGL) in the Utica Shale. Development of the multi-facility complex requires diverse civil design and environmental permitting services.

Time-Sensitive Project

This project, the first fully integrated gathering, processing, and fractionation complex to be put into operation in Eastern Ohio, eliminates a major bottleneck to Ohio drillers that have been suffering from a lack of available processing facilities. The complex consists of 30 miles of liquids gathering pipelines, compression facilities, cryogenic processing, NGL fractionation, and loading and terminal facilities. UEOM needed to complete the civil design and permitting for the Harrison Facility by late summer 2012, in order for construction to begin and major earthwork to be completed before winter.

From Inception Through Completion

Drawing on Kleinfelder’s experience, expertise, and success working in the Marcellus Shale, UEOM has engaged us as a sole-source provider for many large-scope projects to keep this major capital investment program progressing. Leveraging resources from around the company, we have provided a multitude of services from inception through completion, including environmental permitting, air modeling and permitting, site civil design, geotechnical engineering, and construction and materials inspection.

Project Results

At every step in the permitting and design process, Kleinfelder sought to reduce the sensitivity of the design to outside forces, such as permitting authorities, material delivery, and specialty contractors. Team members met frequently with regulatory staff to ensure they had the information necessary to process permit applications and to expedite the review process. As a result, the tight schedule was met.

Project Details

Ohio (Statewide)

Utica East Ohio Midstream (UEOM)

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