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Foothill Parkway Westerly Extension

  • Foothill Parkway Westerly Extension
  • Foothill Parkway Westerly Extension
  • Foothill Parkway Westerly Extension
  • Foothill Parkway Westerly Extension

As the prime consultant, Kleinfelder provided construction management, inspection, and public outreach for the City of Corona’s Foothill Parkway Westerly Extension Project, which included two new miles of roadway, a new signalized intersection, 12,000 feet of new waterlines, 1,000 feet of storm drain improvements, 9,000 feet of multi-purpose trails, bike lanes, sidewalks, a new parking lot, and two bridges.

A Tight Deadline

This project was one of the City’s largest and most high-profile projects to-date and presented a number of challenges for the project team to overcome. One significant issue was identified at the onset of construction, when it was communicated that earthwork quantities for the project seemed to be significantly underestimated by half a million cubic yards.

Working Directly with the Regulatory Agency 

Once discovered, Kleinfelder’s Construction Management team immediately went into action to confirm the validity of the claim and identify solutions. As the project’s footprint was approximately two million square feet of heavy brush, aerial surveys (LiDAR) were used to gather data. The Construction Management team used the survey data to perform earthwork calculations, while also coordinating with the Designer’s reviewer as a cross-check. After verifying the quantity error, our team took the initiative to coordinate with all necessary parties to revise the earthwork sequencing for the entire project. Our efforts led to the project staying on schedule and a reduced the overall cost impact to the City of Corona, despite there being over half a million cubic yards unaccounted for in the original contract quantities.

Project Results 

The completed project provides an alternate east-west route through the City of Corona offering improved mobility and reduced congestion, as well as additional recreational and accessibility enhancements, for the City’s residents. Kleinfelder’s’ CM team proudly delivered the project with no claims, while saving the City over $1M in construction costs through negotiations with the Contractor.

Project Details

Corona, California

City of Corona, California

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