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Ewing-Lawrence WWTP Facilities Plan

  • Ewing-Lawrence WWTP Facilities Plan
  • Ewing-Lawrence WWTP Facilities Plan
  • Ewing-Lawrence WWTP Facilities Plan

Kleinfelder recently completed a comprehensive facilities plan for the Ewing-Lawrence Sewerage Authority (ELSA) 16 MGD Main Wastewater Treatment Plan (WWTP).

Updating and Upgrading

The aging plant presented a number of challenges, including new effluent limitations for nitrate and dichlorobromomethane (DCBM), faltering infrastructure, high wet weather flows, limited capacity for future growth, site constraints, and the need to minimize rate increases. ELSA sought Kleinfelder’s assistance in selecting the best solutions to upgrade the plant with a focus on sustainability for its long-term future.

Evaluation, Presentation, and Implementation

Kleinfelder’s facilities plan included wastewater characterization, hydraulic capacity evaluation, treatment capacity evaluation, condition assessment, and evaluation of plant enhancements. After a thorough investigation, the team produced technical memoranda of the findings to facilitate consensus-building among stakeholders. The recommended improvements were structured into a phased implementation program, with Phase I consisting of new UV disinfection, effluent pumping and preliminary treatment facilities, replacement of mechanical and electrical systems, and rehabilitation of concrete and masonry structures.

Project Results

In addition to obtaining all necessary permits and approvals for construction and assisting ELSA in funding the project through the New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Financing Program, Kleinfelder’s fast-tracked design has enabled construction to begin in early 2014.

Project Details

Lawrenceville, New Jersey

Ewing-Lawrence Sewerage Authority

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