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EVA Performance Polymers Facility

  • EVA Performance Polymers Facility
  • EVA Performance Polymers Facility
  • EVA Performance Polymers Facility

Kleinfelder is currently providing Engineering and Construction Management services to Celanese to support the operation of the Ethelyne Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Performance Polymers Facility in Edmonton, Alberta. Kleinfelder has seconded a team of personnel to the Celanese facility operating team to assist in satisfying its project management and technical requirements. In conjunction with the onsite personnel, Kleinfelder also provides full discipline engineering and design support out of our Edmonton office.

Effective Resource Management

Kleinfelder continues to successfully and safely support an annual portfolio of sustaining capital and maintenance projects at the Celanese EVA facility. A high level of coordination is required between Celanese personnel, Kleinfelder onsite staff and Kleinfelder home office staff, to ensure project prioritization is established and project timelines are met.

Streamlined Approach

Kleinfelder uses a Portfolio Management model to monitor multiple Celanese projects within the Edmonton office. A dedicated project manager coordinates all work coming in from both Celanese and our Kleinfelder on-site staff. This single point of contact streamlines the work assignments to the home office engineering team and controls the prioritization of work and resources according to Celanese overall schedule and budget targets. This partnership has also allowed Kleinfelder to leverage our size and expertise to reduce costs and improve the work quality across a range of ongoing projects for Celanese.

Project Results

Kleinfelder’s portfolio approach to execution along with our familiarity with the Celanese EVA facility and operation enables us to complete projects efficiently and provide ongoing value to our client.

Project Details

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Petrochemical Client

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