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EPA Coal Ash Pond Assessments

  • EPA Coal Ash Pond Assessments

As part of a nationwide task order contract for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Kleinfelder has performed individual site assessments in Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri.

Multiple Conditions Assessments

The EPA needed to assess the condition of coal-fired electric utility ash pond embankments and related facilities that receive liquid-borne material and store or dispose coal combustion residue. Task order work consists of identifying hazard potential, through review of current available information, and conducting site visits to collect additional information as required.

Onsite Physical Inspections

Kleinfelder conducted individual site assessments to determine the structural integrity and safety of various coal-fired electric utility facilities, dikes, and berm units. Kleinfelder’s work includeed the onsite physical inspection of the ponds, as well as a review of floodplain designation, spillway adequacy, overtopping effects, and structure stability documents provided for the facility, and proximity to critical infrastructure.

Project Results

Kleinfelder has performed site assessments at various sites in Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri. For each assessment, a report is prepared that includes recommendations and conclusions based on field observations and evaluations. Kleinfelder’s assessment reports have enabled the EPA to quickly and cost-effectively classify each facility and identify potential mitigation measures.

Project Details

Midwest, United States

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

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