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Electrical & Process Building Fabricators

  • Electrical & Process Building Fabricators
  • Electrical & Process Building Fabricators
  • Electrical & Process Building Fabricators

Kleinfelder provides full-discipline engineering and design support for process and electrical buildings for a multitude of Oil & Gas owners. Over the past five years, Kleinfelder has completed designs for over 75 modular building packages with equipment including medium voltage switchgear, gas insulated switch gear, transformers, VFDs, MCCs, PLCs booster pumps, and other process equipment.

Agressive Design Schedules

Project owners often have unique specifications that govern design requirements, creating a challenge to ensure design compliance without “gold plating” the design and increasing overall construction cost. Aggressive design schedules further complicate the process while fixed-cost pricing requires efficient execution and management of multiple interfaces between the owner, fabricator, and subcontractors.

Minimizing Construction Costs While Maintaining Safety

Kleinfelder works closely with the owner and fabricator to provide design solutions that minimize construction costs while maintaining the safety and quality of the end product. This can include engineering justification for specification deviation requests to remove the “gold plating” that can be inherent in owner specifications that increase cost and construction effort.

Project Results

Through an integrated team approach with safety, quality, and constructability governing design, Kleinfelder has provided innovative design solutions that reduce the overall fabrication cost and construction duration for our clients. Kleinfelder’s extensive history in modular equipment packages with fixed-cost pricing structures has allowed us to develop efficient execution strategies that provide cost certainty for clients.

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Electrical & Process Building Fabricators

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