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Downtown San Bernardino Passenger Rail Project

  • Downtown San Bernardino Passenger Rail Project
  • Downtown San Bernardino Passenger Rail Project

Kleinfelder provided comprehensive public outreach solutions for the SBCTA Downtown San Bernardino Passenger Rail project. The project extended Metrolink service one-mile east from the Santa Fe Depot to the newly constructed San Bernardino Transit Center and improved safety systems at grade crossings.

Raising Safety Awareness with Multiple Communities

The rail extension passed through residential communities, business districts, and school zones that were accessed by pedestrians and motorists who needed to be educated on the importance of rail safety. Additionally, project construction created a mix of road and sidewalk closures, detours, and major utility relocations that could impact the traveling public and local community which included a homeless population that was being displaced from their temporary dwellings along the railroad tracks.

A Comprehensive Public Outreach Plan

Kleinfelder conducted a comprehensive public outreach plan that included reaching out to the often-overlooked homeless population by working closely with local shelters and faith-based organizations, as well as creating and handing out gifts of needed items (toiletry bags, knap sacks, etc.) with important safety information attached. In addition, Kleinfelder partnered with the local minor league baseball team to advertise rail safety during games; reaching on average 2,500 fans per game.

Project Results

Kleinfelder’s inclusive outreach campaign reached 4,500 residents, 500 businesses, 2,500 students with one-on-one briefings, social media outreach, informational materials and signage, and collaboration with local organizations. To help offset the costs of the groundbreaking ceremony by more than 75%, Kleinfelder’s Public Relations Team successfully motivated sponsors from a wide-range of sectors to help support the event.

Project Details

San Bernardino, California

San Bernardino County Transportation Authority

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