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Compressor Station Upgrade

  • Compressor Station Upgrade
  • Compressor Station Upgrade
  • Compressor Station Upgrade
  • Compressor Station Upgrade

Gas development activity in the area prompted the need for increased gas gathering and processing capacity at an existing compressor station. Kleinfelder’s scope included project management, engineering, and procurement for a major increase in processing capacity.

Restricted Access and Schedule

This plant was located in Northern British Columbia in a winter access-only area with restricted ice bridge and winter roads. A 125-ton compressor package required a weight loss program to transport, with reassembly onsite. The construction window was January to mid March, creating a major logistical and scheduling challenge to avoid expensive air lifting of labour, equipment, materials, and supplies.

Comprehensive Integrated Solution

Work included process studies, well tie-ins and field work, inlet slug handling, 2000 HP compression installation, existing compression retrofit, produced water injection, sweetening upgrades, tank installations, flare and safety systems, and utility systems—all within an existing operating plant.

Project Results

With innovative retrofits, use of surplus equipment, high-level expediting effort, and a dedicated design team, this project was completed successfully and safely within the very tight winter schedule and with minimal impact to existing operations.

Project Details

Northern British Columbia, Canada

Penn West Petroleum Ltd

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